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Capturing Inspiration

The Origin of the Edge of the Ocean Series

Since moving to Sarasota, Florida, I have come to love going to various beaches each week to re-fuel for the coming days ahead. While practicing rest and refocusing my mind and heart, I often receive or am inspired with new ideas and concepts for future pieces of art.

Edge of the Ocean 2 ~ 42" Diameter

It is out of this contemplative space I have created one of my most recent series of art work called "Edge of the Ocean", which are now in total six one-of-a-kind hand-made wall sculptures, ranging in size from 19" to 42" in diameter. The piece shown above is Edge of the Ocean 2, which is the largest of the series at 42" in diameter, available at this time.

If you would like more information about this piece, another in the series, or a commission, please contact me here.

The Edge of the Ocean pieces are very meditative for me. They remind me of that sacredness, that intimacy, that I find in my relationship with God. When I go alone to the ocean, I don’t have responsibilities that distract me. When I’m by myself it’s very sacred, and I’m trying to capture the reverence and energy of where the water meets the land. Even when I’m painting and shaping the 3D waves and adding bubbles, I’m always thinking about the way water works, moves, and flows. These pieces are very emotional for me. When working with the sand, concrete, paint, resin, etc. I’m asking myself, ‘does it feel like you are actually at ocean’s edge?’

My hope is that when you view any one of these Edge of the Ocean pieces you are reminded of and brought into a new dimension of peace, rest, and hope, which can enable you to rise above the difficulty and challenges of your day.

Peace and Love,

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