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Constructing Creativity

As an artist, I hope to build a space and environment in which I live and create that is filled with life, inspiration, and faith.

Our 1959 Mid-Century Modern Home Remodel + Art Studio Build Update

While we started on this journey south in March 2021, it feels like we are finally starting to see some progress towards our home remodel + art studio construction goals. We have not broke ground on the art studio as of yet; however, we have cleared and leveled the land and purchased a shipping container in preparation for my professional art studio. Yes, you heard that right, a 20 ft shipping container! We are excited to paint a fun mural on the the exterior and make it a statement piece on our property.

Check out the delivery of our 20 ft shipping container!

Why do we need a shipping container? I'm glad you asked.

We are entering the second phase of our home renovation where we will be focusing on the interior upgrades. This process will involve removing part of a load-bearing, interior wall to relocate the kitchen, adding a half bath, adding a bedroom, creating a recreational / creative space in our former garage area, adding flooring, and so forth.

Our neighbors Trey Kenner and his son Bryce taking the plunge on the swing from the roof of the shipping container!

In this endeavor, the garage, which has been my art studio for the past two years, will no longer be accessible as such. During the interim, I need an additional space while I prepare for our art studio build. The shipping container will provide that, a space to store things, as well as, a space to work if need be.

A few nights ago my daughter Gianna captured me working in our garage on another larger version of the Hope piece.

Phase one consisted of the exterior updates: replacing the roof with added insulation, replacing our original windows with hurricane-proof, bronze windows, and removing a multitude of trees in addition to trimming the remaining oak and palm trees.

Walking Out A Vision

As a visionary, I am always coming up with new ideas, which is one of the greatest aspects of being an entrepreneur. I have the ability to work towards bringing those ideas to life. What no one talks about, or at least skims over many times, is the fact that dreams or visions can often take a great deal of time to materialize. Persevering and choosing to believe when it becomes tiresome or confusing is the greatest challenge. Two years has felt like an eternity for our family, but we are starting to see the glimmer of what could happen this year. It is so exhilarating to think about.

What is your vision you have become weary in seeing come to life?

New Art Work

I am continuing to make and create new pieces that I'm excited to share with you. Currently, I'm working on some new photography that will be available in the coming weeks. I am also working to add more products to partner with you.

You can view our website here:

Here I am editing today...

How can you partner with us?

Spread the word to your friends and family regarding our art business! We would love to provide meaningful and spiritually inspired art to living spaces whether it be a home project, a corporate space, or an outdoor area.

We also have some great merch! More to come on that front in the next week! You can find it all here!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great day!


& Shelli Rowland

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