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Edge of the Ocean

“The Edge of the Ocean pieces are very meditative for me. They remind me of that sacredness, that intimacy that I find in my relationship with God. When I go to the ocean I’m by myself and don’t have all the responsibilities that can come with me, like having kids or having to entertain those with me. When I’m by myself it’s very sacred, and I’m trying to capture the reverence and energy of where the water meets the land. Even when I’m painting the waves and adding bubbles, I’m always thinking about the way water works, moves, and flows. The pieces are very emotional for me. And when working with the sand, the concrete, and the application of the resin I’m asking myself, ‘does it feel like you are actually at ocean’s edge?’"


This sculpture is made of multiple gallons of resin epoxy, concrete, paint and a variety of art materials. Hanging system included. Dimensions are 24” diameter by 4” thick.

Commissions Available

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