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Sowing Light

What is within you that must be realized for you to feel fulfilled in this life?

Questions like these my wife and I often ponder and discuss, which makes for excellent conversation and also helps us understand what we want to accomplish in this lifetime.

I have discovered and known for some time that part of my DNA as a visual artist, creative, and songwriter is to sow light in all that I do personally and professionally. I do not take that lightly. (No pun intended, but there it is! Ha!) This piece called "Sowing Light" has to do with that very thing.

**Like this piece? Different sizes and print options available upon request. For more info contact me here!

With this piece, I was on a shoot when I photographed this farmer working his land in Kentucky. He was actually planting seeds at the very moment I took this photograph. I then layered another one of my images of sun and sky in hopes to capture a metaphor to tell a deeper story. I desire that my art plant seeds of inspiration, love, an appreciation for beauty, a spiritual connection, and so much more. Art is not just an outlet for me. I see it as my mission to sow Light.

What are you doing today to share what's within you that only you can give to this world?

Cheering You On,

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