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New Year ... New Art ... New Possibilities!

I hope this finds you well! It has been awhile since we connected, so I thought I would catch you up on how my art business is unfolding in sunny, south Florida. As most of you know we moved to Florida in March 2021, and a great deal has happened since then.

Here is just a snapshot of one of my recent creations... This New Sunrise speaks of fresh beginnings and the hope awaiting us just around the corner. I have been working on this original, hand-drawing for quite some time, especially over the past couple of years. This piece came alive for me during some incredibly holy moments sketching in my drawing pad at the beach.

Initially, I designed this concept to be above a couch or a custom headboard for a bed. My heart is that this would be a blessing over all that rest beneath it.

"May “This New Sunrise” be the start of some excellent days for you and yours, throughout your life pages."


This season for me as an artist, husband, and father has been one of faith, transition, and development for the past two years. We sold all our investment properties, parted ways with a mountain of possessions, and moved to Sarasota, FL from the greater Cincinnati area in Covington, KY in March 2021. And with every significant move comes a shaking to the core of one's heart and a refocusing on what truly matters.

If you continue to follow my story, I hope you will see this new light of growth emerging as we move deeper into 2023. There is a shift happening with my relationships, my business, and my art style.

Is there something challenging you towards a new place of growth?

May you be filled with inspiration!


The official Collin Rowland Autograph

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