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This piece explores contrasts between light and dark, earth and sky, hope and hopelessness, texture and polished, and more. This photograph was taken inside a parking garage where none of the lights were working inside of a dark, gloomy, parking garage in Cincinnati, OH. The only thing that was recognizable inside this space was a single staircase with a glowing light flooding down the staircase from above. This piece is made up of texture made from the earth where there’s sand, salt, stone, and rocks. The texture is there to tell the story of the rocky, stoney surface of the is world, the difficulties. Coming out of the difficulties, going up into a place that is glowing full of light and hope and not quite as rough and abrasive as this world is at times. That’s part of what this piece means.


This sculpture is made of multiple gallons of resin epoxy, concrete, paint and a variety of art materials. Hanging system included. Dimensions are 24” diameter by 4” thick.

Commissions Available

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