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"I want to be about life, energy, and movement, not about something that is dead and stagnant. I want to be about what is growing and prospering and moving forward. That is part of who and what I believe God is: the Ultimate Creator, the Source of Life, the Essence of Life itself.


With that in mind, I began seeking out metaphors that represent life, which to me is close to God. In my research I was drawn to scientific findings where the first signs of human life began to take shape. The earliest moment that a human life is detected by scientific perspective happens when the sperm meets the egg. If a connection takes place, an embryo forms around that unification to protect that new life."


What began as an original, hand-drawing evolved into to an aluminum, UV protectant epoxy resin coated, contemporary, 3 dimensional wall sculpture ranging in sizes from 27" to 48" diameter. If you need a larger piece larger than above, please contact me for a special order.

Commissions Available

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